When writing a non-fiction “How To” eBook with pictures, you should:

  1. Decide what you want to show your readers how to do.
  2. Lay out the materials needed to do the task.
  3. Have a good digital camera. Take off all other pictures and do several test pictures to make sure your lighting, resolution and color is right. A tripod is optional but it helps maintain the appropriate angle and lighting while taking your series of pictures.
  4. Do Step 1, take a picture and on a piece of paper write what you did in detail. Go with the mindset of your reader. Always think of them as beginners. Do not use jargon without explaining what the technical phrase means.
  5. Proceed through each step, taking pictures and writing. If you don’t like the picture, delete and redo it. Don’t leave extra pictures on your camera.
  6. Upload your pictures into a Folder on your hard drive and name it with the title of your how to ebook.
  7. Immediately go in and rename your pictures to match your how to Steps.
  8. Open up a text editor and rewrite the steps from your paper. Do your extra explaining or editing at this time.
  9. If the how to steps are going to be separate chapters, do (save) a separate text file for each. For instance. Chapter1.txt
  10. Now convert the text file to html by either hand coding or go to an online text to html converter and copy and paste your text into it. Convert, copy and paste your .html into a text editor and save with the .html extension.
  11. Now use the html img code and insert your pictures information into your individual .html files.
  12. Create a Table of Contents (toc.html) file for your how to eBook.
  13. Create a Navigation Table of Contents (toc.ncx) file.
  14. Create a Cover. Make sure it’s at least 600 pixels wide by 800 pixels high.
  15. Use Mobipocket Creator to combine your files into a .prc file which is the same as a .mobi file.
  16. Check your eBook in a Kindle or the Kindle Emulator to see if it’s looks good. Remember the images must also look good in black and white.
  17. Upload to the Kindle Digital Publishing platform and wait for your how to eBook to go live.

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