I am so sick of Authors saying “I just want to write and don’t want to deal with all that other stuff like marketing.

Excuse me, but Writing is a Business!

If you want writing as a career where you get to stay home and make a comfortable living then you better rethink your attitude.

In the real world, it’s up to you to “wear different hats” in your writing career.

The first hat you wear is, of course, writing.

That’s a given. And you better be good at it or, if you’re not, you’d better get good at it.

Nobody writes a perfect ebook the first time.

If they say they did, they’re either lying or don’t take into the fact, they’ve been scribbling words on paper since they were two. Which means they built up their writing muscle and now, on their first ebook, their years of practice burst forth.

For the rest of us who didn’t start until later in life, we became good because we sat our butt in a chair and wrote everyday until we were satisfied with our ability (a/k/a voice).

Marketing is the second hat in your writing career.

Beginning writers have this “mistaken idea” that when they’re print published, all the marketing is done by the publishing company. Helloooooo? Ain’t happening!

Not in this day and age nor any prior one. Authors have always hawked their own books. Yes, even best selling Authors. What do you think book signings or going on talk shows are for?

In today’s economy and also with the advent of ebooks, the money publishing houses spend on mid-list or below Authors is gone. Which means, even if you are fortunate to get a publishing contract, you’ll be spending your own money on marketing your writing.

But the beauty of the Internet is you can market for free but it will take “sweat” on your part. And yes, this means time away from your writing.

So get over yourself and wear this hat proudly. Because marketing on the Internet is writing.

You’ll write on Facebook, Twitter, in Forums and if you’re really smart, you’ll be writing on your web site.

The third hat in your writing career is learning how to format ebooks.

I just want to write and I’ll pay somebody to format my book.” Another annoying statement by Authors.


Because writing is a business and you should be thinking return on investment (ROI). The medium range for formatting fiction is $250 and more for non-fiction.

Are you going to get that back in the first year? Well, you might. Depends on how good you are at wearing hats one and two above. If you’re not, then you really should think about formatting your ebook yourself.

You sat your butt in a chair and wrote a novel. That was the hard part. The EZ part is formatting. It’s not rocket science and who better than you, knows how it should look?

Wear those three hats consistently and you will be able to say proudly “Writing is MY business.”

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