In “One Small Step Can Change Your Life, The Kaizen Way,” Robert Maurer, Ph.D explains that setting HUGE goals is not what you want to do to change your habits.

He maintains when you take small steps, you do not trigger the part of your brain that fears change. In essence, you “sneak up” on the goal by taking simple steps.

For instance if you want to lose weight, he gave an example in his book how one woman started out just marching for 1 minute. In a few months, she was up to 30 minutes a day of aerobic exercise.

Well the same things holds true for people addicted to cigarettes. He suggests taking one less puff on a cigarette before you put it out. In small steps, you keep taking one less puff each day. Pretty soon you’re down to 1/2 cigarette you’re putting out until one day you quit altogether.

So I gave some thought how this method could be applied to people who have a goal to write a book but can’t find the time.

If you take the one small step of writing one sentence a day for a week, you’ll have seven sentences written. The next week, you up this to two sentences.

Keep repeating this scenario, by increasing your sentences each week. And Bingo, within two to three months, your book is written.

The added benefit…you won’t have experienced any stress or fear because you “snuck” up on your book goal and made it happen.

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P.S. And once you write your book, you can make it into an eBook and sell it EZ-ily at Kindle’s eBook store or even from your own site.