To help you write scenes, I came across a free software (Workflowy) which helps with work flow.

Since finding it, I’ve been using Workflowy online software as just a “brain dump” for my to do/project list for my business. Works beautifully for this and I leave my browser open in my task bar so I can click and add thoughts (ideas) as I have them. Saves me from having so a mess of handwritten notes around my computer.

Then a light bulb went off when writing this post, why couldn’t Authors use Workflowy to help organize or even write their scenes?

So I did a video on Workflowy, showing you how to do this.  Simply click on the image and a new window will open so you can watch it:

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As I mention in the video, you can use Workflowy also when writing your non-fiction ebooks.

Simply outline your chapters in the order you think about what you want to say. With the ease of moving your ideas in Workflowy, you can move them around in the Chapter or even to other Chapters. Nothing is written in stone and it beats handwriting your notes every time you make a change.

Yes, I know you can do the same thing in Word or Open Office but in order to move things, you have to cut and paste. With Workflowy, you simply grab the 4 way arrow at the right and your idea (bullet point) moves up or down and even into other ideas you’ve made bullet points for.

I know Workflowy has increased my work flow and I hope it will for you too.

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