When you first start an ebook or any business on the Internet, you probably don’t realize that your business will be sitting in a cul-de-sac off the Information Highway like the following…

picture of an Information highway on the Internet

Nobody knows your business exists until you start putting up road signs. These road signs are necessary if you want to bring visitors (traffic) to your site.

Your road signs need to be placed strategically or you’ll be wasting your time. So let’s discuss where are the best places to set your road signs.

After 11 years of doing some things wrong and a few things right, these are my suggestions:

First Road Sign…SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When you build your site, constantly be thinking of who your target customer (market) is and use keywords they would use in your titles for pages and posts. Be very specific…general keyword terms means your site will get lost in the millions of sites already in your niche (category).

Second Road Sign…Articles

This is the best way to get targeted visitors (buyers) to your site. The beauty of articles is they never go off the Internet. Some of the articles I wrote 10 years ago are still on sites and sending me traffic.

Third Road Sign…Social Media

Now don’t just think of Social Media as Twitter, Facebook or Linked In. Expand this to forums in your niche (target) market. It’s much more fun to go to active forum and give helpful advice. You build your credibility and you gain the trust of the forum members. Plus, lots of your target customers don’t join forums but they do read the posts. If you give great information, they will click on the link in your signature.

Fourth Road Sign…You Tube

Videos are an entertaining way to get instant expert status. If your videos are informative and you link back to your ebook sales page in the description, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the number of people who click on your link. Make sure you fill out the profile portion for your channel.

Fifth Road Sign…Podcasts

This is probably the most overlooked part of building your credibility while getting targeted visitors to your site. There are hundreds of sites that accept podcasts (mp3s). Plus you could also start your own free radio show and over time, get quite a following.

Sixth Road Sign…Webinars

Once you have targeted visitors, you could even expand and offer free teleseminars or webinars to increase the perception…You are an expert in your field. These webinars can then be repurposed as a product or as part of a giveaway in a joint venture event.

Now all of these road signs don’t have to be put up at once. But as you do each one, you’ll see a cumulative effect of an increase in traffic to your site with the added benefit of being known as the “go to person” in your field of expertise.
graphic of Judith Tramayne's signature