If you want to take control of your writing career, then you’re going to need a Kindle.

Not for the ebooks you can read on it (although that’s a huge plus) but for the ability to see what your book will look like on this device.

Amazon has just announced their next generation Kindle will sell for $139 (Wi Fi only).

Which is an incredible price for any author in the US because the Kindle is tax deductible.

Yes, by self-publishing, any ereader you buy is a business expense. How do I know? Because I worked for the IRS in my former life — meaning when I was young and dumb.

Anyhoo, I am recommending you buy a Kindle because Amazon is the EZ-iest company to upload your ebooks to.

I’ve gone through the process with my murder mystery novel (Conspiracy) and I’ve even written my “Kindle eBook Course showing you how to make your book into a Kindle ebook from beginning to end.

What made writing this course EZ was my ability to check how my Kindle ebook looked before I ever uploaded it to Amazon. I was able to make a .prc file using free software, hook up my kindle and drop my ebook into it. Once I did, I could see where it needed improvement.

Why do this before uploading to the Kindle eBook Store?

Because the one complaint I see throughout the Kindle bookstore is readers complaining about the formatting.

Readers love to leave reviews and bad ones can destroy your sales so why give them cause to complain when it’s so EZ to make your Kindle ebook a fun reading experience.

Being frugal and trying to use software which emulates what an ereader like Kindle might produce, is a waste of time.

Your font size, chapter ending code, bold and italic, all need to be checked on the device where it’s going to be read. What looks good on your PC does not necessarily mean it will look good in the Kindle.

So if you need to justify to yourself why buying a Kindle is in your best interest, think:

1) It’s tax deductible (in the US).

2) You’ll save a boatload of time not having to check your ebook after uploading every time you find an error.

3) Your ebook will look professional right from the get go.

4). And, did I mention the Kindle is tax deductible 🙂

Am I jealous, you’ll be paying a lot less than I did?

No, because I figured out how to make the location points at the bottom of my ebook and the pain and suffering I went through to find out how to do this made me write my Kindle eBook Course that will help you and other authors like you.

Another benefit I received…was rethinking how I write my ebooks. I no longer use a word processing program. This alone saves me money.

Plus, I found out I can use two free software programs to make a .prc file; which, if you check out Amazon’s DTP guidelines, they recommend this file is better than a converted .doc or .docx file.

Why am I recommending the lower priced Kindle? Well, I do love Whispernet ability but it’s not really necessary. And, if you’re ever audited by the IRS, you’ll be able to justify it to a Revenue Agent as a work tool. They’re really not going to care too much about a $139 business expense. Especially, when you can prove you are selling Kindle ebooks on Amazon.

So do your writing career a favor and jump on the Kindle bandwagon. Amazon ebooks can also be sold to the owners of the iPod Touch, iPad and the iPhone. Which means you’ve covered the major ereading devices.

graphic of Judith Tramayne's signature at the end of her article Why Every Author Should Own a Kindle

P.S. BTW, Amazon has smaller ebooks now called Kindle singles. So even if you don’t want to write a full length novel, I’ll bet you have a short story that would look good on the Kindle.