When making your book into an Kindle ebook, you definitely do not want to convert it to HTML using a wordprocessing program.

Doesn’t matter which wordprocessing program (i.e., Word or Open Office) you use, the code will be bad and your kindle ebook will suffer because of it. This video will show you why:

As you can see, Word and Open Office adds extra code that might make Amazon’s Digital Text Platform to produce a badly formatted Kindle ebook. And people who read on the Kindle, or the other 5 devices their software is on, are extremely picky.

Their number one complaint is the formatting in a Kindle ebook.

If your Kindle ebook isn’t formatted correctly, their reviews will rip your book to shreds and bad reviews will greatly affect the amount of sales for your book.

Please do yourself a favor, check out my EPUB and Kindle Course so you can convert your Kindle and Nook ebooks using clean HTML code before you upload to the Amazon DTP area.

graphic of Judith Tramayne's signature in her article on Making a Kindle eBook

P.S. The Macro I made is no longer being offered because I found an even EZ-ier way for you to make your ebooks. I show you how in my EPUB and Kindle Course