Well you got on the bandwagon, created a website filled with your ebooks yet, month after month the counter on your site looks like it died from lack of interest.

So what do you do?

Climb up on your wagon again and start putting up road signs all over this internet highway to lead the customers to your site. Face it, you are sitting in a cul-de-sac and there will be no walk-in traffic. Even big business has this same problem. Why do you think they are spending the big bucks on TV to get their dot coms recognized?

Most marketers agree these road signs you put on the net should include something free. It’s a proven fact on the Internet that people do not buy the first time they visit your site. From experience you will learn, your visitor will download what you offer free and run. But do you care? Not in the least because you know you’ve got a secret weapon.

You go everywhere you can (twitter, facebook, linkedin) and tell people about your free ebook.

You give these people a direct link to your ebook and not to your home page. Why? Because their time is valuable and you don’t want to annoy them the first time they visit by making them wade through a bunch of web pages to find your free book.

Now here’s the good part. At the end of your free ebook, you include what I call UPSELL FOR FREE blurb. This blurb is tasteful and points out they might be interested in another book you have which isn’t free.

Plus you give them permission to send their friends the ebook.

Thus you have accomplished three things:

  1. Offered useful information or entertainment to others on the Internet.
  2. Used upsell to promote your other products at the end of your free ebook and,
  3. Enlisted the aid of the people requesting your book to help you in your marketing efforts by sending your free ebook and upsell message to even more people.

Remember, free is good, UPSELL FOR FREE is better!

graphic of Judith Tramayne's signature