You have a choice when you self publish your ebook.

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You can either self publish one ebook at a time or you can wait until you have 4 or 5 ebooks written and self publish them all at once.

Which is better?

Well that depends on how you fast you write and what type (genre) of ebook you self publish.

If you write literary fiction and produce a book every 10 years, then by all means self publish your ebook when you have it finished. You will be making income from it all during the time you’re writing your next book.

On the other hand, if you can write (crank out) a particular fiction genre ebook every 3 months, then maybe you should consider waiting to self publish until you have the 4 books done.


From a purely marketing perspective, the chances of your genre ebooks having more sales increases when you self publish 4 ebooks at once. If your readers really like your writing, they will search to see if you have any more books they can read. And by having these ebooks ready, they will definitely buy the next in your series.

You are writing a series, right?

If not, why not?

Fiction genre readers absolutely love series where they get to know the characters. Which brings up a point that maybe you don’t need to self publish a 700 page ebook on your first, second or third ebooks. Maybe never.

Your reader simply wants “a good read” that entertains. Most want a book they can read on their way to work, waiting for their kids to get out of soccer practice or in an afternoon. So 200 page ebooks in your genre is entirely acceptable to them.

With the caveat – all the ebooks you self publish must be acceptable writing with no spelling or formatting errors.

And acceptable writing doesn’t mean “War and Peace” style writing but more like John Locke or Amanda Hocking writing. Both Authors made a million dollars and they’ll both be the first to admit, they weren’t out to write a “classic” but simply write and self publish entertaining books.

So, it’s your choice – which do you want to self publish?

A literary masterpiece or a series of entertaining ebooks. Either one will sell on e-Readers and make you money but the marketing becomes harder if you only self publish one book every 10 years.


Because you have to get in front (market) to your readers every time you self publish. Authors who publish even 1 book per year have to do the same until they have at least 4 books in the Kindle or Nook ebook stores. There is something about this magical number of 4 ebooks which makes your ebooks go viral where little or no marketing is needed. Which means – you have even more time to write.

Once you have the 4 ebooks then, by all means self publish as you write each one.

And if you do decide to write that masterpiece after you’re making a substantial income, make sure your genre fiction is using a pen name so your masterpiece can have your real name (smile).

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P.S. Acceptable writing is best helped by great formatting. My Kindle and ePUB eBook Course can help with that. And it’s my sincere wish when you self publish your ebook, it’s a best seller.