Before you start writing for the Kindle, Sony, iPhone, iPad Touch or the new iPad from Apple, you should really think about the marketing aspect of your ebook.

If you have this marketing mindset right from the get go, you’ll be heads and shoulders over your competition.

And a marketing mindset means you…

  • Come up with a drop dead, hit the bull’s eye title

You’re competing with millions of ebooks on the Internet so having a title that attacks the eyeballs of your customers is a no brainer.

Plus to appease the Search Engine eBook gods (Google, Bing or Amazon), your title should have keywords people will search for in it.

The more specific you are with your keyword or phrase, the better.

In Google, a title like “How to Self Publish” will bring up over 41 million listings. While a more specific title like “Self Publish Your eBook on a Kindle” is down to 8 million listings.

Drill it down even further to “Self Publish for eReaders” you’re only competing with 112,000.

None of these titles attack the eyeballs or stir any emotional juices so spending time on your title can make a huge difference in your financial outcome.

Think “One Minute Manager” or “Chicken Soup for the Soul” Both grab your attention so a whiz bang title means more ebooks sold and if you…

  • Have a Descriptive Sub-head (title)

You’re going to increase your chances of the ebooks selling even more copies if the sub-head (title) also explains your main title better. A good example…all of the Harry Potter books.

Besides a great title and subtitle, you’ll need…

  • An eBook Cover that Pops

Bland ebook covers don’t make it in traditional publishing and definitely won’t make it on the Internet. The first thing your buyers notice is the cover.

Go to, click on Kindle, then Books. Now put in your search term for the genre you’re writing and notice which covers draw your attention.

It will be the ones which have EZ to read titles, look professional and have no more than 3 to 5 colors.

Your cover is the buyers first impression. So you have only two choices — either make a great cover or pay to have one designed.

And on every eReader site you publish your book on, they require you write a description of your book so…

  • Write an Descriptive Excerpt that Sings

You only have a few words to convince a customer to buy so make sure you create an emotional response to your ebook. People do not buy from their rational brains.

Engage the readers emotions and you’ll see your ebooks being downloaded more than your competitors.

If you use these marketing mindset hints, you’re sure to have a very successful ebook.

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