We are going to discuss how to write (make) an eBook as if you are a beginner.

If you’re unsure why self-publishing is a great idea for your writing, you might want to read this self-publish post first.

First, you should decide what type of ebook you want to write. Will it be fiction (put your genre in here) or non-fiction (self-help, a how to ebook, etc)?

A year to two ago, I would have told you fiction books do not sell well on the Internet. But technology is now making that statement obsolete.


Because the Sony eReader, Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s “Nook” along with the iPod Touch, and the iPhone are making a huge market available for your fiction books.

As for non-fiction, people are always willing to pay for information that solves a problem in their life.

Second, you need to decide whether to write your ebook in a word processing program or in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).

Both are extremely viable methods for self-publishing. What I’m going to suggest is you do both. And here’s why…

With a PDF, you can sell it from your own site as a download or you can make a physical print on demand book.

And if you write it in HTML, your ebook can be converted EZ-ily into the format that the above mentioned eReaders use.

Yes I know, eReaders can read PDFs but you’ll go blind trying to read them. PDFs do not re-flow meaning you can’t enlarge the size of the text. Very bad mo-jo for customer satisfaction.

That’s why I’m telling you to do both.

A little extra work will give you 3 ways to sell your ebooks.

  • As a PDF download
  • Physical book
  • On all the eReaders

And 3 ways means a whole lot more money in your bank account.

Oh and for those of you who might suggest a word processing program can save your ebook as an HTML file…yeah right, if you want the eReader to have a spasm and spit out a garbage filled ebook.

Will any of my posts tell you how to actually string words together to write a good fiction novel or produce a great non-fiction ebook. Nope.

All I’m going to help you do is learn how to self-publish the books you will write or the one you’ve already written. In other words, the what, why, where and how of making an ebook.

You just learned the what — fiction or non-fiction.

And the why — so you can entertain and enlighten your readers and also make a good living from your writing.

Everybody wins if you do!
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P.S. If you want to have an EZ time publishing your ebook in Amazon’s Kindle ebook store then you might want to read about my Kindle eBook Course.