Most Authors want to go the traditional route – you know – write the next best seller, sell it to a major publishing house and reap the rewards for their work. Twenty years later, they’re still waiting to be an “instant” success.

They are under the mistaken idea that “self-publishing” means you can’t make the grade as a good writer. Is this true? No!

Self-Publishing is just an Author
who has taken control because s/he
has an entrepreneurial spirit and
wants to reap the rewards.

Good or bad writing never enters their minds. They just know the Internet and selling their books on it is the wave of the future. You see, they are aware their readers are just being born today.

Also in the equation of being self-published versus print published is:

  1. Books written by the Author never go out of print.
  2. Authors can write what they want without formulas being dictated.
  3. Crossing genres isn’t a problem.
  4. All profits are kept and not shared.
  5. eBooks can be changed and/or updated easily.
  6. Authors have a Global audience.

I could go on and on about the advantages but I would rather share with you exactly how much fun you’ll have if you decide to self-publish.

Just imagine receiving emails from across the world saying “your book” made my day. I get these all the time and it starts up a friendship I would never have had. Face it, we writers are a reclusive group. Sure we function in the real world but we “tend to be in our made-up world” the majority of the time even when we are standing in a grocery line 🙂

Well, self-publishing on the Internet means I have the best of all worlds. I do not have to spend time traveling, arranging book signings and sitting in a book store with my “heart on my sleeve.” My readers come to me – maybe not face-to-face but almost as good.

True, I do have to spend time marketing but that’s easy because I’m in my PJs, my hair a mess, with no make-up on doing what I like – writing. Yes, my marketing merely consists of writing articles and putting them on sites across the Internet for this purpose.

So in the same amount of time a “print” published author has reached 20 or so people in a book signing gig, I have reached thousands of readers for my books by sitting on my tush in my nice comfy home. I also haven’t spent the money they did.

Authors who take the traditional route spend way more time sending queries, packaging their manuscripts, sending them out and waiting for the results. And, I won’t even go into the costs here because I can prove my self-publishing expense is less per year.

Frankly, I don’t want to be famous, just extremely comfortable! By self-publishing, I’m not waiting for some “editor” to believe in me because I believe in me already. Therefore, I took control, designed my website and I’m reaping the rewards.

Twelve years ago I decided, I could either be 12 years older still waiting for readers or I could be 12 years older with readers. You, too, have this choice.

You can either be branding yourself now or wait to be discovered. But if you wait, you will be scrambling trying to catch up with those of us who’ve already established a presence on the Internet.
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