Man I am sick and tired of downloading crappy PDF ebooks. Wake up authors! People are getting disallusioned with the crap you ask them to read. I’m not talking about your words but the design of your PDF ebook.

The whole point of an ebook is to make it different than a print book. So what makes up a crappy PDF ebook?

1. No bookmarks – meaning no left pane with links.

Every good authoring software allows bookmarks. Use them so your readers can click on a link and go to the section they want the next time they open your ebook. Having to scroll through page after page the next time the ebook is opened is a pain in the tush.

2. eBook has no design.

Wise up authors. A design helps break up the monotony of white on black. Give it some color or at least break up your sentences like this.

Manifesting is EZ

when you realize

that all things are


This will cause your readers to quit scanning and actually read your words.

3. Add some pictures.

You can have the most boring subject in the world but pictures help. Tasteful cartoons can even make your ebook go from mediocre to good. At least your reader will appreciate the effort you put it in to find pictures that make your ideas stand out.

OK, rant is over.
graphic of Judith Tramayne's signature