Less than I month ago I wrote a post “Should you Self Publish in Apple’s iBook Store” and now I see rumors all over the web that Apple is rethinking it’s stance on Indie Authors.

It’s about time they thought about us Independent (Indie) Authors!

Apparently those “close to the source” are saying in less than a month Apple intends to “possibly” launch a new program for iBooks Publishing.

Right now Indie Authors are losing money with the way Apple has set up its publishing requirements.

We lose money because we either have to own a Mac or go through a third party aggregator who takes a chunk of our royalties. Needless to say, not a lot of Indie Authors are choosing to do either because iBooks has a minimal share of the ebook market.

Could this change if Apple finally takes its head out of their “Apps” and makes it EZ for us to upload our ebooks?

You betcha.

Because Apple may not have the lion’s share of ebooks but they do have readers. Those readers mostly read using the Kindle App on iPads, iPhone and iPod Touch but this could immediately change if Apple handles their new program launch correctly.


Because Apple told Amazon to either pay them 30% of their sales or take off the ability to purchase ebooks through their app. Guess which one Amazon chose? Yup, readers must now use the Safari browser to buy books and then send their eBooks to the iPad or their other Apple devices through Amazon’s Manage Kindle section.

This extra step means Apple device only consumers will start buying their eBooks from Apple if its new publishing platform has more ebooks and makes it EZ-ier to buy.

And, the only way to do that is open their restrictions on Indie Authors.

Let’s hope they rethink their requirement for Indie Authors have an ISBN for their eBooks. Amazon doesn’t. Barnes and Noble doesn’t. So why should Apple demand this?

There is also speculation that Apple will institute a revenue sharing program like Amazon just started.

Right now, I’m just happy that Apple is reconsidering how to treat us Indie Authors.

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P.S. Apple’s new publishing program will still requires Indie Authors use the .epub format and my Kindle and ePUB eBook Course shows you how to do this with step by EZ step videos.