All the experts say, “you must have a presence on the web if you’re going to make money selling your Products or Service.”

What they don’t understand is you don’t have the time!

  • You’re too busy building your ebook web site.
  • Adding great content to every page of your site.
  • Making sure your search engine optimization brings targeted visitors to your site.
  • While trying to learn all the “fantastic new things” that will make your business take off and give you the income you deserve.

And you’re succeeding inch by miserable inch but not at fast as you want!

So how do you speed up this process?

Simple, you self-publish your ebooks for Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Nobles Nook or the Sony eReader.

It’s true your net-profit will be less than selling from your own site but if you do both, you’ll double or even quadruple your income.

Face it your your own ebook site is in a cul-de-sac and you have to drive visitors (read that as buyers) to it. Very, very time consuming.

If you sell your ebook in the Kindle Store, you’ll have access to over 300,000 Kindle owners. Right now Amazon gives you 70% of the price you set but it beats the royalties (7.5 to 15%) that most traditional publishing houses give their authors.

So let’s be very conservative and say you sell your fiction or non-fiction ebook for $2.99 (the price point to get the 70%). And 10,000 people buy it. You’ve just made $20,930 from Amazon.

If you want to be more conservative, let’s say only 1,000 people bought your ebook which is very likely with over 86 million people now reading ebooks on their ereaders. So in a month or a year, you’ll make $2,093.

Now multiply that number by the number of books you’ve written or will write.

Plus by formatting your ebook for other eReaders, you’re also going to be able to offer your book at full retail price on your site or for a percentage on other sites like Barnes and Noble and iTunes iBooks.

Yes it’s true… people also read books on their iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Blackberry and Android Phones.

The one caveat is your ebook must have excellent formatting if you’re going to compete with the “traditional publishing houses” and their ebooks.
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