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There’s been an ongoing discussion at LinkedIn about marketing ebooks and this is what I wrote off the top of my head:

Marketing ebooks on the Internet is a heck of a lot EZ-ier than traveling, wearing your heart on your sleeve at book signings and less expensive.

A fan page for the Author’s name or one of their character’s name is free on Facebook. Two other places for marketing ebooks are Twitter and LinkedIn. Both again are free. But don’t forget to join groups on Facebook or Google + that your readers for your genre hang out in.

Search Engine Optimization is EZ if an Author has a wordpress site. I’m talking wordpress.org which has a boatload of free themes. There are SEO plugins-galore and most of them are free. Generic traffic is always good for marketing ebooks.

Plus selling a Kindle .prc, an .ePUB or even a PDF from your site means even more money in your pocket. That’s not even taking into the fact you can make an Audio Book with free software like Audacity and either sell it as a download or on a CD.

And lets not forget YouTube which almost has the same impact for marketing eboodks as Google for bringing traffic (readers). A book trailer is EZ to make in Windows Movie Maker or if you own a Mac is also has free software to do the same.

The key here is to give something of value away so your readers will leave their name and email. Maybe an excerpt (chapter) of your ebook and then you carry on a conversation with them via an autoresponder and when you have a new book being released, you do a broadcast of the launch.

Forums are another way to get readership. Find a forum in your area of expertise and then answer questions. Most allow signature lines back to your site and or your fan page on Facebook. I just put Forums: Romance and got 154 million results. Are they all forums? Don’t know but it’s a good start to find your readers. Just replace the word Romance with your genre and I’ll almost bet you’ll find readers for your ebooks.

Does marketing ebooks take time?

Sure it does at the start but then you get it down to where you can market in about 15 minutes per day and the rest of the time you can write.

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P.S. Marketing eBooks comes after you make sure your ebook is formatted to perfection and you can do this by going to my ePUB and Kindle eBook Course and deciding if it is right for you.