Just got a question in my email from an author who asked about marketing a Kindle ebook:

“Once you create a kindle ebook, how do potential customers find it? Is there some type of SEO required so that when they search for a book, yours will pop up? I just wonder after taking the time to create it, how do you get exposure for it.

My answer:

Customers find your book in Amazon’s Kindle book store the same way they find your website…by putting up road signs all over the Information highway (aka Internet) leading back to your ebook.

Marketing a Kindle ebook isn’t hard, just a wee bit time consuming. Here are some ways you might use:

Facebook Fan (business) Page

One of the better ways to market a Kindle ebook is like what Anne Rice does.   She has a fan (business not personal) page on Facebook and constantly interacts with her readers. She either tells tidbits about her life or she asks thought provoking questions that makes her fans want to respond. You should be doing the same.

Another way is article marketing. 

This works best when you’re marketing a Kindle ebook that has a solution to a readers problem. In other words, non-fiction. When you submit your article to places like EzineArticles.com, your article resource box should always point back to your page where you show the cover of your book with a description of why the reader would find it useful.  Then if you don’t sell from your own site (you should), the cover and a text link (when clicked) will take them to your book on Amazon.

Free Teleseminars

You could also do free teleseminars using something like freeconferencecalling.com where you answer questions about your ebook or give some really great information that will help others. Both these help brand you as an expert and will make marketing a Kindle ebook EZ-ier.

Ask For Reviews

Ask people you know to read your book and “suggest” they write a review on Amazon. Get “legitimate” 5 star reviews and your sales go up considerably. Print Authors send out review copies so why shouldn’t an ebook Author do the same. Your expense is nothing and it’s a great way for marketing a Kindle ebook. All the top names do it, plus they write glowing testimonials for the inside of ebooks for one another. You could do the same.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is one of the best ways for marketing a Kindle ebook. All you have to do is sign up for Google Alerts using the keywords ebook covers. When you get the alerts, read them. The will keep you up to date and when you see an alert you can respond to, do so with some intelligent feedback. The site or blog might have a no follow for search engines but if your comments are insightful and relevant to the discussion, will click over to your site. Even the owner might and you might end up with a joint venture partner or better, a friend.

Make YouTube Video

Do book trailer videos of your Kindle ebooks and put them on on Youtube.com. One author, did and his video went viral. Heck of a good way for marketing a Kindle ebook.

Guest Blog

Guest blog for others in your area of expertise or interest. You’ll be surprised at how receptive bloggers are to having someone else write a post. Or, you could do a ebook blog tour. This is where you line up a bunch of blog owners and on a specific day, you spend an hour at each owners blog and answer any questions from their readers. The blog owners promote your blog tour before the date you picked. You might have to write these promotional posts for them but hey, this exposure could well put your ebook at the top of Amazon for the day of the tour. Offering something special if the readers buy your ebook that day also helps.

Marketing a Kindle ebook on your site

Make sure your site has a place for people to sign up so you can keep in contact with them via an autoresponder. If you build relationships, these new friends of yours will only be too glad to help you with marketing your kindle ebook. But you do have to ask them to do this. You can’t be a shrinking violet about marketing your kindle ebook.

That’s all I can think of right off the top of my head for marketing a Kindle ebook. If you have additional ways, please put them in a comment so other Authors can be helped with their marketing.

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