Making your book into an audio book isn’t hard if you use a free program like Audacity.

All you have to do is press Record and Stop, right?

Well sure, if you want your listener to never buy another audio book from you.

The keys to having your listener come back and buy everyone of your audio books are:

  • Placing each Chapter into individual tracks and naming them in sequential order.

Your listener is extremely busy and doesn’t have time to listen to your audio book in one sitting. Usually they are listening to your book when they are walking their dog, exercising or driving in their car.

This means they have maybe ten or twenty minutes. By placing each Chapter in it’s own track and giving it a name, your listener will know what they’ve already listened to and can go on to the next track (Chapter) in your audio book.

  • Pretend you’re an actor or actress and add some emotion while recording.

Not only does this make it more interesting for your listener but it will convey you have passion about your subject. Nobody likes to listen to someone speaking in a monotone.

Also smile while you’re recording your audio book. Believe it or not, this will come through on your recording.

  • Pause your recording when changing pages

Usually you will be reading from a printed page (unless you have a second monitor) and the rustle of papers is distracting and not very professional. So after you’ve read your page, pause your recording, get the second page and then hit the record button again.

If you adhere to these keys, you’ll have an exceptional Audio Book that your listeners will love and will gladly pay a higher price for than your book.

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