If you’ve been on the net for two minutes, the first thing you learn is there are plenty of e-books available for you to read. Everybody and their sister has written e-books on the best way to Market, HTML tutorials, etc. and are offering them free. Why?

Because they are an excellent vehicle to bring visitors to your web site, create an opt-in list so you can then tout your products in a non-intrusive way in later email messages. The bottom line here folks is the bottom line. Free e-books, if done right, will bring you income.

Since this article is about free electronic books, I am going to talk about the easiest format to create it. Twelve years ago I used to say create an HTML file, compile it and or offer a zip file with the HTML file. But this is more work than using:

==> A PDF Format.

By creating your ebook in PDF, you are not going to spend any money. Get it? Free means free both to the reader and you – the writer. Now it’s not as hard as you think. It is definitely easier than a HTML ebook or web page.

The first thing you do is get Free or nominal cost PDF Software. (None of these are for Mac owners – sorry)

To get a free program that will make PDF files which are read by the Adobe Reader Software go to:


and click on Download OpenOffice.org. You will then select which version you want to download. Once you have it installed, you will use the “Writer” program to write your ebook and convert it to a PDF file

If you don’t want to download such a huge file to your computer because it’s a complete office suite (data base, spreadsheet, calc, etc., programs), then go get Serif’s PagePlus 9 for $9.99. It is for desktop publishing but also has PDF capability:


You can also more if you go into your favorite search engine. I found this one when I searched:


If you have Microsoft Word or Works on your computer, great these programs will also make PDF files.

The thing to remember about free ebooks is they must be a “a good read.” In other words, they must add value to the person downloading them. What this does is brand you as an expert and when you send out other information, the person will trust you because you’ve already established your credibility with your free ebook.
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