In my last post we covered “How to Add Footnotes To Your eBook” so in this post I would like to tell you about a quirk I found when doing an unordered bullet list when you use a style.css.

You know the type of bullet list I mean:

  • This is a bullet
  • This is the second bullet
  • This is the third bullet

Well if you specify a left margin in your style.css file for the unordered list like this:

ul {margin-left: 10mm; margin-right: 10mm;}
li {margin-left: 15mm; margin-right: 15mm;}

Then when you look at your ebook in a Kindle or a Kindle Fire, the bullet won’t be there.

You can do either of the following in your style.css to make the bullets show up:

Specify a Division (div) having the margins set and no left or right margins in the unordered bullet list style.css. For instance:

div {margin-left: 10mm; margin-right: 10mm;}

And in your ebook.html file you would put:

<ul><li>This is a bullet</li>
<li>This is the second bullet</li>
<li>This is the third bullet</li></ul>

This only works if you don’t have any other divisions <div> in your ebook.html file.

Or you can do a class for a bullet in your style.css file:

.bullet {margin-left: 10mm; margin-right: 10mm;}

And then when you would put the following in your ebook.html file:

<div class=”bullet>
<ul><li>This is a bullet</li>
<li>This is the second bullet</li>
<li>This is the third bullet</li></ul>

So the next time you see your bullets not showing up in the Kindle, it could be because you gave the unordered <ul> list a left margin.

Also the Kindle software ignores the right margin in unordered lists, ordered lists and when you use a blockquote. Very annoying but I like to put the right margin in just in case Amazon does an update allowing it.

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