You might write wonderful prose but if your Kindle ebook is difficult to read, don’t be surprised when your monthly report shows very few Kindle ebook sales.

People who own Kindle eReaders are very picky. The more your ebook looks like a regular paperback, the better your sales will be.

Don’t believe? Just go to Amazon and check out the reviews of ebooks. The most prevalent complaint is poor formatting and or the navigation “leaves a lot to be desired.”

You have to realize…Kindle customers are lovers of books. That’s why they bought the Kindle!

They see the beauty of having thousands of books at their disposal as a huge benefit to them and their environment. No trees have to be sacrificed for their reading pleasure.

And, that’s the key, “reading pleasure.”

Your job as an self-published Author, is to see to it your readers enjoy your ebook. Formatting and navigation, while not as sexy as writing, enhances their pleasure. They are able to click the “next” button and completely immerse themselves in your prose.

The only time your reader becomes aware of the hardware is when your formatting interrupts their reading flow.

It’s quite EZ to maintain this flow if you take a little extra time and make sure your navigation and formatting looks good in the Kindle and you’ll see your Kindle ebook sales improve.

So what do I mean by navigation and formatting?

The Navigation consists of a Table of Contents and the location points at the bottom of your Kindle ebook. The navigation points are what the your customer uses to proceed through the chapters of your fiction or non-fiction ebook.

For those of you not familiar with a Kindle, this picture should show you what I mean:
Picture of a Kindle with a red arrow showing no location points at the bottom which if you don't have them will affect your Kindle ebook sales
You’ll notice there are no little dots at the bottom.

The dots tell your customers that if they use the five way controller on the Kindle, they’ll be able to move back and forth through the chapters or main points in your ebook.

Now you might be saying “big deal.” The Kindle remembers where they left off so why should I bother?

Well, maybe you shouldn’t if you have that attitude.

But consider, most of your readers do want to go to different chapters.

Sure they could flip out of your ebook and go to the Table of Contents (provided you supplied one), click on chapters, but that’s way too inconvenient.

If you provide EZ navigation, you’ll be known as an Author who cares. The Author who took the extra step to be professional and your Kindle ebook sales will reflect this.

Plus, your readers will place you right up there with main stream authors from traditional publishing houses because your ebook will look the same.

And, because it does, your reviews will be better thus improving your Kindle ebook sales.

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P.S. Yes, I do harp a lot about formatting and navigation. My biggest pet peeve when reading an ebook in my Kindle is seeing Chapters start without a page break code, no table of contents navigation or points at the bottom. To me, the author is saying “I don’t care if you have a good reading experience or not.” Will I buy another ebook from them? Not very likely! And because I won’t and other readers won’t, that Author will wonder why his Kindle ebook sales bottomed out.

P.P.S. So if you want to improve your Kindle ebook sales, my Kindle eBook Course will help you!