I was recently asked, “where does the cover go in my Kindle ebook?”

This question came from someone who downloaded my ebook macro. This is a valid question because Amazon’s Digital Text Platform wants you to include a cover for the Kindle ebook store.

But you also want your cover in your Kindle ebook.html file.

Since the cover is in two separate places, there is not a conflict because one cover is used to sell your book in the Kindle ebook store and the other is the cover your reader sees when they open your book in their Kindle eReader.

So this is the answer to where you put the cover image in the Kindle ebook.html file:

When you’ve downloaded and installed my ebook macro, you know I’ve given you the ability to put in an image file into your Kindle ebook.

This image code I gave you can also be used for your cover.

But you do have to know a wee bit more code to make sure your cover is in the front of your Kindle ebook.

  1. A Cover image is just like any other image in your Kindle ebook so it uses the same html code. For instance, my Kindle ebook’s title is “Conspiracy” and my Cover image name is ConspiracyCover.jpg.

    So I would change the image code to reflect my cover’s name:

    <a name=”start”><center>img src=”ConspiracyCover.jpg” width=”800″ height=”1200″ alt=”blue cover with picture of the Space Needle and insignias for the IRS and FBI.” /></center></a>

  2. Most Authors like to put their cover in the front (start) of their Kindle ebook.

    If you choose to do this, then you’ll need to put the <a name=”start”> in front of the image code like what’s shown above along with the </a> ending code after the image.

    This <a name=”start”> in your ebook.html file is what tells Kindle where your ebook should open. If you don’t have the <a name=”start”> code, then your book will start at Chapter 1.

    Which means, if you have your cover, copyright information and a prologue before Chapter 1, your readers will never see this information. That’s why placing the <a name=”start”> code before your image and the ending </a> code is so important.

  3. The cover image is put in the same folder as your ebook.html file. In fact, all your images referenced in your Kindle ebook are put in the same folder.

  4. In the Kindle eReader, the ebook cover is not in color but it is in the other eReaders that has the Kindle software on them (i.e. iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones). So make sure you’re using colors that will look good in black and white as well as in color.

I hope this cover answer was useful and you make many wonderful Kindle ebooks your customers will love!

As always, I wish you “a good read,”

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