Google epub ebooks is live and now there’s a level playing field between you and the big time book publishers.

This .epub format is the same for iBooks on the Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Sony eReader, Barnes and Noble’s Nook and all the other smart phones.

But there is a caveat…

Apple requires your ePUB validates. If you’re thinking of using Calibre for Apple or your Google ebooks, it doesn’t validate. It’s OK to use it to convert free books you want to put on your own devices but not if you want to sell your ebooks.

I’ve avoided doing an epub of my murder mystery suspense thriller “Conspiracy” because I couldn’t see the benefits before Apple, Sony and the other eReaders took off. But I did make it into a Kindle ebook which you see in the right sidebar.

To make an epub ebook, here are the files you need:

  1. Main ePUB Directory for your Book.
  2. Two Folders (META-INF which holds your container.xml file and OBEPS folder which has your images folder, your chapter HTML files, a content.opf file, a stylesheet.css and a toc.ncx file.
  3. A mimetype file.

Zip these all up in a certain order and you have an ePUB that will validate.

Now if your eyes started to cross and glaze over with the epub terminology I’ve used above, I quite understand. That’s why I’m working on videos and PDFs showing you exactly how to make an epub ebook EZ-ily.

Now why would you want to learn this if you’re not a writer? Well, making books into an epub format could be an extremely lucrative at home business.

There are going to be loads of authors who will gladly pay you money to convert their books.

And if you’re even a little bit techy, you could take the ebooks from Project Gutenberg, convert them to an ePUB and sell them from your own book site.

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BTW, you’ll need to make an html file for your epub so grab my ebook macro because it does the coding for you.

You should also check out my Kindle eBook Course while waiting for my epub course because the more places you have your books the better.