Picture of woman holding hoop with man looking like he should jump through itYup, that’s what it feels like for the last 3 years since Amazon put out it’s first eReader. Changes happening “slam, bam and what the heck,” comes to mind and sifting through the B.S. to get to the facts can be a real pain in the tush unless…

You use a secret weapon

So OK, it isn’t secret but it is a very valuable weapon in your arsenal of staying ahead of the rest of the Authors in your niche (area of expertise).

What is this weapon?

It’s Google Alerts

Now don’t roll your eyes, it makes you look funny.

Google Alerts is a secret weapon not enough Authors use to further their writing careers.

Please watch the video on Google Alerts and then I’ll explain why it’s so valuable in the rest of my post.

If you’re a non-fiction author and use Google Alerts:

  • You will stay ahead of your competition in knowledge.
  • You won’t have to spend hours searching new ideas.
  • You’ll probably come up with hundreds of ideas for even more ebooks.
  • You’ll instantly see the questions your readers are asking.
  • You’ll have answers and your readers will think you’re a genius.

By using Goggle Alerts, your ebook will be the first to be published and if not the first, then the most informed.

If you write fiction, you could do Google Alerts for forums in your genre (i.e., romance forum, mystery forum, science fiction forum, etc.) and when someone posts a question or makes an observation, you can join in the conversation.

I’m sure your creative mind will come up with even more uses to take full advantage of this secret weapon (aka Google Alerts). When you do, you’ll be moving fast and NOT jumping through hoops.

graphic of Judith Tramayne's signature in her article 'Moving fast and jumping through hoops and why you should use Google Alerts'

P.S. I use Google Alerts to keep me informed and half of my posts are from something I read and wanted to tell you about.