I got the idea for the title from reading someone’s statement that “best sellers are made one reader at a time.”

But first, fiction best sellers have to start with the Author writing one page at a time.

Where most beginning Authors get bogged down is thinking about the 200 or more pages for a fiction ebook. This seems like an insurmountable task so they quit before they even start.

Stop, take a deep breath and ingrain this into your brain. “Experienced Fiction Authors don’t think number of pages, they think scenes.

They just put down their basic premise (idea) for the ebook and write the first scene, then the second scene and so on and so forth. Sometimes they have no clue what the next scene will bring. Instead of stopping and getting freaked out, they start asking “what would happen if.”

For instance what would happen if:

  • my character (insert name here) suddenly woke up in a new dimension?
  • my character’s got a knock on the door and an FBI agent was on the other side?
  • my character came face to face with a swarm of killer bees?
  • my character, ______________________

Well you get the idea. The thing is when you get caught up in truly engaging scenes and how your characters might react in those scenes, they become real – their surroundings, their actions, their dialog all seem to start flowing together in a harmonious whole.

Pretty soon you’ll have a half of a chapter, then a whole chapter until all of the sudden, you’re typing the words “The End.”

And this is the only way your chances of your ebook being on the best sellers list will happen.

You have to write one page, one scene, one chapter at a time.

Make this year you’re writing year or you’ll never experience the thrill of having a best seller “one reader at a time.”

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