What if a little electronic messenger came to your ebook site and automatically picked up a link on your page and took it back to a place where thousands of potential customers would have access to it. And, all you had to do was make sure you had the link on your web page. Would this be something you’d want?

If so, it’s already available to you. It’s called an “Autodiscovery Link” and it goes in the < head> section of a web page.

This autodiscovery link is picked up by most Feed Readers who send out their little electronic messengers called “robots” to gather information and take back to their program.

So how do you make this link?

It’s simple but before I tell you where to go to make one EZ-ily, you must have an RSS Feed file to include in the Autodiscovery link.

You knew there was a catch, right? Wrong!

An RSS feed file is also easy to make. Just Google and there are loads of tutorials on the Internet.

When you make your feed, you place it on your web hosting server using either an FTP program or, if you have web hosting that let’s you browse and add a file from your hard drive, you can upload the RSS file using it.

After you have it on your web hosting server, you can go to this site and make your “Autodiscovery Link” in 3 EZ steps.


Once you click submit, it will give you the link code and all you have to do is copy and paste it in the head section of your web page. You know after the <head>and before the closing </head> code.

The next time your site is crawled by a robot, the link is picked up automatically and you’ve reached thousands of people.

And you’ll reach many more than that because every day, more potential customers are discovering how wonderful it is to get information without manually surfing the Internet.

Now that my friends is an EZ Way to Market.
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