There will be less “crappy” ebooks in the Kindle Store.

Well back when Amazon first put out the Kindle, they needed ebooks so they weren’t too picky about what was uploaded. That way, their press releases could say we have over 200,000 and growing for ebooks you can buy to read on our super duper ereader. Twas a great plan then.

Now it’s coming back to bite Amazon in the tush when readers either ask for a refund and/or complain about the quality of the ebooks.

So they decided just like Google and Facebook, they are going to be more discerning about the quality of the ebooks they allow to be published on their Digital Text Platform. And, how they’re going to do that is match content via software algorithms.

When content is the same, it means lazy people (won’t even dignify their existence by calling them authors) have slapped together private label right (PLR) ebooks and Project Gutenberg’s free ebooks and put a price tag on them. They’ve had it good for a few years but now it’s coming to a screeching halt.

Amazon is now going to compare ebooks and will give them all the same price.

Which means  if there are identical ebooks, the one priced the lowest will be the price for all.  And the really good news?  The lowest price is usually free (evil grin here).

And then again, I recently read some whining from these authors on forums that Amazon dropped their ebooks off the Kindle eBook Store. Did my fist go up in the air and I yell “hell yeah,” you bet it did!


Because I’m tired of unscrupulous “wannabe writers” taking the EZ way to write (or should I say not write) an ebook. The fact they have shot themselves in the foot suits me just fine!

Because this means we Authors, who take the time to write outstanding ebooks and use formatting that gives a good reader experience, will always be making money selling our writing.

Until next time, may you always have “a good read,”

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