You know you have a book you want to write. You’ve known it for a very long time. In fact so long, you’re starting to see it fade. Your dream is getting dimmer and dimmer.

Well crank that hummer back up! Shine a million mega watt bulb on it and let it dazzle the world.

You don’t have to write it, you can speak it. You do know how to speak don’t you? Yeah, I thought you did, you’ve been doing it EZ-ily since you were two.

Since looking at a blank white page is holding you back, why not hit a record button instead. Let the ideas flow (drain out of your brain) and talk about what you know.

Customers are anxiously waiting for you to help them. And they’ll love the fact it’s an audio (MP3) they can listen to when they’re driving, walking their dog or even working out at the gym.

The trick with creating an Audio book is using a very good audio program like Audacity (it’s free) and being able to edit like a pro.

I should know because my Audio Books were made with free software and an inexpensive microphone. Yes, they sound as good as those made in a recording studio because I know how to edit to take out the pauses, change the pitch of my voice and tweak the tempo (pace) of my recording.

So Drain Your Brain and create your Audio Book because it beats staring at a blank page and letting your dream fade into oblivion.
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