I received an email from a woman asking me if you had to be a professional writer to write an ebook. She had expertise in the beauty field. And she also asked whether she would need a web site. Here was my response:

You probably have tips every woman would love to read! I know I would (smile).

No you do not have to be a professional writer — more than half the people running businesses on the Internet aren’t. But what they do provide is information other people want to buy and read.

The EZ-iest way would be to have a blog. WordPress is free. Then you could offer simple free tips but on the side have your ebook cover with a link to where your visitors could buy it. The book could be on lulu.com, authorsden.com or Amazon’s Kindle eBook Store.

You could also go to hub.com or squidoo.com (both are free) and set up the tips, then point them to where they could buy your ebook or print book if you use lulu.com

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Trying to give you advice so you don’t have to spend the money for web hosting, etc. until you know if your ebook will sell.

Like anything on the Internet — marketing is the key to making money. You can have the best product (ebook) in the world but if nobody knows about it — it will just die a lonely death.(LOL).

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