Having a business card for your ebook will help you market your ebook when you’re offline.

Usually offline, people will ask you what you do. Yes you can say you’re an “Author” but then what? Do you just leave it at that or, do you whip out your business card?

You don’t?

Then you are losing sales. People love to brag about “meeting an Author.” So it behooves you to be the one they remember.

And this is done with a business card.

If you write ebooks, you don’t have a physical book to show them so a business card will work instead to increase your credibility in their eyes. You’ve just given them something physical they can slip in their pocket and later when they’re on their computer, they’ll normally go on Amazon, Nook or other e-Reader ebook stores and check you out.

Will they end up buying?

You have more chances they will than if you just left it at “I’m an Author and I have books on Amazon.

People forget casual conversations. But they won’t forget a business card.

And a business card is not expensive.

In fact, 250 business cards can be free except for shipping. I happen to use vistaprint.com. Right on their front page they have free business cards. The trouble with these “free cards” is you must use one of their templates.

The first time I ordered, I opted to pay a little more for a premium business card because it allowed me to design the business card with my cover on front and my information on the back. I also chose to have a glossy finish to the front cover. A little extra money but well worth it when you see how it makes a cover’s color pop and the sensuous feel it gives the business card.

But here’s the really neat part about Vistaprint. They send you an email with free premium business card offers after that.

Now I’m sure there are other business card printers on the Internet. I’m not trying to sell you on using Vistaprint. I simply want you to understand how useful a business card can be when you’re in a social setting offline. Having a business card shouts “I am an Author and writing is my career.

So here’s the checklist for what your business card should have:

  • Cover on the front
  • Glossy finish on front
  • Your name, address and phone number on the back
  • Your email and website/facebook business page URL
  • Kindle and/or Nook book buying page URL(s).

Why do I stress this, because Writing is a Business and a business card proves you’re treating it as such.

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P.S. If you have a boat load of ebooks you’ve written, then choose your best cover for the front of your business card and use the back to list the ebooks you’ve written.