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Does copywriting come EZ to me?

Yeah right, then you woke up. I equate it to going to the Dentist. Painful but necessary.

Why painful?

Because I can’t just say, “Buy the dang thing, you’ll be very glad you did when you see your books being enjoyed by readers all over the world” because that’s not politically correct or even polite. So I have to be “professional” and give the reasons why my course is an outstanding solution to putting your ebook on all the eReader devices.

To me, copywriting is like combining non-fiction and fiction ebooks in a sales letter. Not an EZ thing to do and where the pain comes in for me.

For non-fiction, you try to be concise and to the point when presenting the problem along with your solution. With fiction, you are storytelling. Both when combined, will produce compelling copy.

Trouble is, if your product is not “really painful” like an ingrown toenail, your customer either doesn’t know they have a problem or doesn’t care enough to alleviate their suffering.

That’s where fiction takes over and you help them visualize through stories how owning your product(s) will immediately result in an improvement of their finances, physical or emotional health, etc.

This is a delicate balance and if done incorrectly sounds salesy. Something I abhor. I really don’t want to “sell” you on becoming published with a beautifully formatted ebook. You should want the same.

Thus my dilemma:

1. Not be salesy and you publish crappy formatted ebooks?

2. Or be salesy and convince you that taking the simple steps I show you how to do with my videos will put your ebook head and shoulders over the other ebooks.

Since the first would be an injustice to you, I write the sales letter knowing when you’re ebook is written you’ll see my sales copy and hopefully say “Ah, that’s exactly what I need!”

If you think about it, you’re doing the same when you write the description for your ebook. You want to entice your reader to buy your ebook because you firmly believe they’ll have a solution to their problem or they’ll have “a very good read.”

Either way, you’re copywriting.

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