In Childrens fixed layout ePub for the iPad – Part 3, you were shown the first file and folder of an ePub for the iBookstore.

Before we go into the OEBPS folder, the picture below will show you the template folder and files I made to make my life EZ-ier for the next book in my Wunk series and it’s probably how you want to set up your fixed layout ePub.

shows all the files and folders needed for fixed layout ePub

We’ve already covered the META-INF folder and it’s file plus the mimetype file in Children’s Fixed Layout ePub for iPad – Part 3, so let’s discuss what each file and folder is in the OEBPS folder.

OEBPS Folder for a fixed layout ePub holds all the content for your book:

  1. audio Folder – holds all the .m4a audio narration files.

    And a great free program to make your .m4a files is Audacity. I used it for my narration and to change the pitch of my voice for my characters. Audacity is free, runs on a Mac or PC and an economical way to make your fixed layout ePub be a “ReadAloud” book for the iPad.


  3. images Folder – this will hold all the images for your book.

    This means your background images and any character or other transparency .pngs your book needs. It’s a good idea to name your background images to correspond with the .xhtml page they’ll be shown on. For instance, I named mine page01-background.jpeg, page02-background.jpeg, etc.

    Why? Because it helps you stay organized when you have to list them in the content.opf file.


  5. css folder – is where you want to put your .css files.

    I like to make a generic .css file and then one .css file for each two page spread. Mainly because it’s Ez-ier to keep track of where things are positioned. Your css can grow unruly if you try to do it in one file.


  7. And the rest of your content, .xhtml pages, .smil file for narration, .plist file holds the metadata for your book, content.opf file which lists everything and the toc.ncx file (navigation) are in the main OEBPS folder.


Now when you see the next few posts, don’t go freaky on me. Like I said earlier in my other posts, none of this is hard.

Picture of geeky 3d person with a red circle and line going through it on fixed layout ePub post 4

By the time I’m finished explaining what’s needed for your Childrens’s fixed layout ePub, you definitely will be able to do it.

signature of Judith Tramayne on Part 4 for fixed layout ePub

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