In Children’s Fixed Layout ePub for the iPad – Part 2, basic information was given about your artwork and narration for your book.

3D character holding door open with only eyes showing and the words - Don't freak out this will be EZ

Now I’m going to get into the nitty gritty of what makes up an Children’s fixed layout ePub. Don’t let what I’m about to show you freak you out. It will all be explained and I’ll try not to be too “geeky.”

A children’s fixed layout ePub will have the following file and folders:

Picture of folders for a fixed layout ePub

  • mimetype – is an ASCII text file that explains that the contents is an EPUB document.
  • OEBPS folder – holds the content and navigation files for your children’s fixed layout ePub
  • META-INF folder – the container pointing to the contents of your book and telling Apple which device you want the ePub to be shown on.

The mimetype file is the same for every Children’s fixed layout ePub so you can copy and paste it into each book you make.

It’s done with a text editor and you do not give or save it with an extension. And it looks like this:

mimetype file for Children's fixed layout ePub

As you can see, it only has one line. Simple, right? Not “geeky” at all.

Note: I use Smultron 4 text editor on my Mac Mini because it’s free and uses line numbers which you’ll need when checking for ePub errors. It can be found at Smultron 4.

The Meta-INF folder only hold two files in your children’s fixed layout ePub.

  1. container.xml – file that tells the operating system what folder your book’s files are in.
  2. – file tells Apple what device(s) your book will be displayed on.

The container.xml looks like this:

container file shows the text needed for the xml file

This is very simple to make using a text editor and nothing in it needs to be changed..

The second file ( is also placed in the META-INF folder. And since I’m only discussing children’s fixed layout ePubs for the iPad, nothing in it needs to be changed.

Apple display options file for children's fixed layout ePub

You’ll notice the platform name is ipad between the quote marks. The reason an asterisk is not placed between the quote marks is because the size I recommended for the background image in Part 2 of this series is only for the iPad. They are much too large to look good on the iPhone or the iPod. In my opinion, only books with a lot of text and minimal pictures would look good on those devices.

In Part 4, the OEBPS folder will be discussed for your fixed layout ePub.

fixed layout ePub Part 3 with Judith Signature image

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