When you look at that title of this post – “Children’s Fixed Layout ePub for the iPad,” it’s a mouthful.

Two hands holding an eReader with a picture of a mouth on it.

And that doesn’t even begin to tell you about the agony and finally, the ecstasy you’ll go through when you format your Children’s fixed layout book for the iPad.

Since I’ve just finished writing, illustrating, animating and adding narration for my Children’s book for the iPad, I thought I would help ease your pain and offer some advice.

DON’T DO IT. (only kidding – well kind of sort of).

You see, I didn’t just write, illustrate and add narration to my “The Wonderful World of Wunks – Giant Lava Lamp Adventure,” no I kicked the “hard part” up a notch (like times 100) and hand coded the animation using CSS in my fixed layout book.

cover for The Wonderful World of Wunks - Giant Lava Lamp Adventure which is a fixed layout ebook for the iPad
Yes you read that right, I hand coded and did not use an animation program.

Why, you ask would I do something as dumb as that? Frankly, just to see if I could create a fixed layout book that had movement on every page.

Did it work?

Oh yes, and everybody who’s seen it, can’t believe how well it’s done.

To be honest, there was lot of hair-pulling, banging my head on the keyboard and a few swear words when trying to find information on css animation but it was worth it because I have what, I hope, every child will think is a fun book to read or have read to them.

If you want to see it and own an iPad, please feel free to purchase it in the iTunes iBookstore.

Do I recommend this route if you want to have a Children’s fixed layout book? Only if you:

  1. know CSS
  2. need to have movement in your book to tell the story
  3. and you haven’t a clue how to use an animation program.

Otherwise, I would recommend for a fixed layout book, you only do 3 things:

  • write,
  • illustrate
  • and have narration in your Children’s book.

Now none of the above is hard, just a little time consuming and we’ll go into that in detail in the coming posts. In Part 2, we’ll go into the Artwork Requirements. You’ll need to know what they are before you start drawing your backgrounds and characters.

Judith's signature on her fixed layout ePub - part 1

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