Now most marketing gurus will tell you there is loads of money to be made on the Internet. Is this true?

For some Yes, for most No!


Because these so called gurus overlook the most important factor for running a successful business. Your Personality.

If you’re outgoing (like all the gurus are), great. You’ll be able to give speeches at seminars, network EZ-ily and have a great time promoting (marketing) your business.

But if this isn’t comfortable for you, there is no amount of telling you to get out of your comfort zone that will help you. Some part of your inner psyche (personality) is going to flatly refuse to do this.

So do you shove past this discomfort and do it anyway? Or do you look for other ways to make money on the Internet?

If you guessed…look for other ways to make money, then you’re on the right track. And here are some of the ways introverts can make money:

  • Create ebooks, software, video tutorials or some type of product which helps people.

By making products that don’t require you be in front of an audience (eyeball to eyeball), you’ll be able to show your expertise without giving yourself a panic attack.

  • Design a website which gives recommendations (reviews) on other people’s products and become an affiliate.

Your customers will love the information you’ve spent the time to research. Let’s face it, people have little time but a whole lot of questions. Answer those questions honestly and only suggest products you’d use and you will make money.

  • Do online webinars showing people how to use software (i.e. WordPress, Camtasia, Photoshop, etc.)

With a online webinar, people don’t see your face…just your voice and what you’re showing on the screen. These webinars can also be recorded, put on your site to make additional digital download sales or even offered on DVDs.

  • Provide services or partner with an extrovert to make money on the Internet.

You can either be a virtual assistant and charge hourly for your skills or team up with someone who loves to be the “face” of the product.

Any of the above won’t require you to get out of your home or your comfort zone. What they do require though is a bit of work but if you’re an introvert with a great work ethic, this will suit you just fine.

There is nothing more lovely than knowing you’ve let your personality shine through and still remained in the background.
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