They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I decided to show you what bad Kindle formatting looks like on a Kindle.

picture of ebook with bad Kindle formatting

This is what your reader will see if you don’t format your ebook in a professional manner. Do you really think they will buy your next ebook? Actually what they will do is ask for a refund. And Amazon will give it to them.

It’s extremely important to self publish your ebook using good Kindle formatting.

And good kindle formatting means your ebook looks similar to a print paperback. Your readers expect the chapters to start on separate pages, the paragraphs to be indented if a fiction ebook and your titles to be centered.

This is simple kindle formatting and doesn’t take much effort. But you do need to take the time to write your ebook in HTML with the code for paragraphs, chapter breaks and correct title placement.

If you do, your customers probably won’t thank you but they won’t write bad reviews about the lack of your kindle formatting.

When competing with the big traditional publishing houses, another thing you’ll need in your kindle formatting is navigation points at the bottom of your ebook. These points allow your reader to use their five-way controller to go through your ebook EZ-ily

None of the kindle formatting I’ve mentioned is hard but it does take about 3 hours once you know how. And, having repeat customers for every ebook you write will be your reward.

graphic of Judith Tramayne's signature for her article on Bad Kindle Formatting

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