Just read an interesting post for Authors about self publishing at Want to get published, you should read this.

And here was my comment:

You bring up excellent points. Authors for years have bought into what traditional publishers would like them to believe. “That if you’re not print published, you’re not a writer.”

Well times have changed. With the advent of the eReaders, self publishing is no longer a dirty word.

Now Authors can take control of their writing careers!

Amazon’s Kindle software is now on a load of devices (Kindle, iPad, iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones) which means Authors have access to over 186 million readers.

Instead of receiving a paltry royalty of 7 to 15% for their book, Amazon gives Authors 70% for US, UK and Germany sales and 35% for other countries. This means Authors are finally getting paid what they’re worth.

It’s true the writer has to market aggressively but as you pointed out in your article, so do authors who are published traditionally.

Authors should get it through their heads that the person being born today will be their reader in the years to come because ebooks do not go out of print.

Now I could go on and on why authors are shooting themselves in the foot if they don’t get off their tushes now but the above pretty much gives the major reasons.

We are talking a level playing field now folks. If a writer learns how to format their ebooks so it looks as professional as those coming from the traditional publishers, then your reader is not going to care that your book wasn’t “print published.”

They are only going to care that you can write a book they enjoy reading.

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