Dig out your old writing because Amazon’s Kindle Singles Section might just be the arena for your old writing that didn’t quite become a full length novel.

Have you ever started a book and after 10 or 20 pages realized it was not going to be a full length novel?

But the premise of the story was so good, you saved it with the idea you might be able to do something with it later. If so take heart, this short piece of fiction you wrote could become a best seller on Amazon’s Kindle Singles Section of their eBook store.

Yes, Authors are making money there and the books range from 14 pages to approximately 140 pages.

From what I could see from the best sellers, the Kindle Singles selling the best were short with a twist ending or something unusual that made the eBooks stand out and get good reviews.

I really feel this Singles section of Kindle is going to become more popular. Time is short and most people want to be entertained in 20 minutes increments.

As I researched the top ten Kindle Singles, I found they range from 15 pages to over 140 pages. The mid-range is 40 plus pages.

Amazon’s Kindle Singles requirements are:

  • Between 5,000 and 30,000 words
  • List Price has to be between $.99 to $4.99
  • Original work not previously published
  • Self-contained work (not excerpts of Chapters from a longer book)
  • Not published on any website in its entirety
  • And, it will be reviewed before its accepted into the Kindle Singles Section.

Also Amazon is not accepting the following into the Kindle Singles Section:

  1. How to manuals
  2. Public domain works
  3. Reference books
  4. Travel guides
  5. Children’s Books

In other words, Amazon is not accepting books that do better in other sections of the Kindle eBook Store.

Now you might be wondering if writing a book for Kindle Singles is worth your while.

Based on some software I’m testing right now and will tell you about in a couple of weeks, the books in the top 10 are selling from 600 to 2,500 ebooks each month.

Not bad for less than a month’s worth of work. I figure that’s 2 pages a day of writing and 10 days of editing the book so it’s “an (exceptionally) good read.”

So dig out those old semi-finished books you wrote, dust them off and breathe some life back into them. You’re a much better writer now so fixing what went wrong before should be no problem.

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