I did a video on Amazon’s Cloud Reader App which will show you why Amazon is helping Authors.

Click the image below to view the cloud reader app video:

Picture of video front image where I explain about Amazon's Cloud Reader App

Amazon is really going all out to keep it’s market share of ebook sales and it’s cloud reader app is just one more way we Authors are benefiting.

Your ebooks can now be bought and read in browsers plus the way Amazon has set up the cloud reader, it prevents copying (pirating).

As Authors, this means more dollars in our pocket since your readers no longer have to buy a Kindle to read your ebooks. So tell your friends who want to read your eBooks how they can do so without having to buy a Kindle.

This Cloud Reader App makes it a lot EZ-ier for people who found downloading he Kindle for PC too technically challenging. If you don’t want to tell them how to do it, just send them to my page so they can see for themselves how EZ it is. Two clicks and they are good to go.
graphic of Judith Tramayne's signature in her article 'Amazon Cloud Reader App video'

P.S. Be sure to tell your friends, there is a Kindle Store button in the upper right of the cloud reader.