For sustained long term traffic to your ebook site. Here are seven things you should do:

1) Optimize your site for Search Engines

Keep tweaking your site every other day with simple but effective changes. The more you consistently change your site, the better it becomes and search engines will visit each day.

2) Post regularly to your blog

Make sure each post is a keyword for your business. Then ping it each time you write a post.

3) Do an RSS Feed for the static pages on your site.

Make sure you have an autodiscovery link in the head section of each of your pages that are in the .xml feed. Change the .xml file periodically as this will let the feeds send it out to people you request the information you provide.

4) Write quality articles

Submit to the article directories and article groups in Yahoo. A number of Ezine owners still like receiving emails they can simply copy and paste into their ezines each week. Usually these ezine owners will put up their Ezines on their site and this gives backlinks.

5) Create Videos filled with useful information.

Submit your videos to youtube, google, etc. and make sure your link is the first line in the right side in the About Video (Description). Send the link to your list and ask they send it on to anyone they feel would be interested.

6) Offer something interesting for free on your site.

7) Treat each of your web pages as a stand alone page.

This goes back to the Search Engine idea. Your visitors don’t simply come to your index page. They come through the back door so make sure what they read will make them want to click on your navigation menu to read more.

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