Instead of writing a 200 page non-fiction ebook that puts everything you know into it, you need to tone it down to the 25 to 50 page ebook that presents only one problem and gives a focused solution.

We are living in the information age and what this means is everybody and their sister is being bombarded with a ton of information. I just read “there is more information being put out on a monthly basis than all the information written from the beginning of time to 2003.” Whoa, that’s mind boggling.

So what people need is not more information but “focused” information in your non-fiction ebook. The kind they can read, digest and put into action in a couple of hours.

So that means my friend, your non-fiction ebook should be short, sweet and to the point.

So what does a short, sweet, concise non-fiction ebook look like?

It has:

  1. A title and subtitle with the benefit to the reader.
  2. In other words, make it clear to the reader “what’s in it for them if they read your non-fiction ebook. For example, “A Single Woman’s Guide to Incorporating a Business”, “How to be ‘Stress Free’ in an IRS Audit” (maybe I should write that with my background) or “How to get a man to help around the house after he retires.”

  3. Only focus on one topic.
  4. You can include plenty of details with pictures but make sure you don’t meander off topic in your writing. The point is to give your reader their solution in as few words as possible. They are busy and fluff has no place in non-fiction.

  5. Make sure you have step by step procedures that your reader can follow
  6. Nothing is more annoying than reading a non-fiction ebook that doesn’t give the steps necessary to a solution. This can be at the end of each chapter or at the end of the book. You might also want to include a link to a template or example files that are password protected on your site. It will make your reader feel special and expose them to your other products or services.

  7. Brand yourself with an Author’s Page
  8. In my personal opinion, this should be in the back of your non-fiction ebook after the person has read what you have to say because if they’ve liked your solution, they are more apt to click over to your site or your Author’s Facebook page to see what else you have to offer. Or to your other non-fiction ebooks.

  9. Make sure you include Covers to your other non-fiction ebooks with clickable links.
  10. With the new Amazon Fire eReader this could mean more sales. Especially if you are doing a series of non-fiction ebooks related to the same subject.

So quit writing more in your non-fiction ebook when less it better.

A smaller more focused ebook is a good way to test whether or not you have a market (sales) before writing more ebooks on related subjects.

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P.S. And to help you with Tip #4, watch my video on how to create your Author’s Facebook Fan Page.