Writing a Kindle ebook can be EZ if you have the right mindset.

Book with arrow to iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch with the Kindle and the words 'Your eBook Here'Recently I told you writing a non-fiction Kindle ebook is like writing an email to a friend with a solution to their problem. Toss a few pictures in and you have an great ebook.

Fiction Writing can be just as EZ if you don’t let the number of pages freak you out. Write a page a day and in 200 days, you have a novel written to put up in the Kindle eBook Store.

Tip #1 for writing a Kindle ebook:

The key is to know your bio-rhythm.

And all bio-rhythm is – is knowing when you could leap buildings with a single bound or at the very least, feel you can accomplish anything during that 2 to 4 hour stretch of time.

Does your bio-rhythm click in early – meaning when you get up at the crack of dawn, you’re at your best? That’s when you should write.

If you’re adrenaline starts flowing at noon or a little later, that’s you’re time to write.

Mine used to start after my children went to bed. So ater 8 PM was when I wrote. Over the years though, this has changed. I can write anytime except at the crack of dawn. There is not enough coffee in the world to write at that time.

So instead of forcing your butt in a chair to write, figure out your bio-rhythm. You’ll find your words will flow a heck of a lot EZ-ier and you won’t even notice you’ve written ten pages instead of one.

Tip #2 for writing a Kindle ebook:

Leave off writing in the middle of a sentence or paragraph.

This will help engage your mental processes the next time you look at the sentence or paragraph. If you end your writing day with a complete paragraph, you’ll find it harder to think (write) the next paragraph when you resume writing.

Tip #3 for writing a Kindle ebook:

Go back and edit the last pages you wrote. Think of better words, check your sentence structure, check your spelling, etc. What happens when you do this is it will help you go back into your alpha (creative) state when you finally get to where you left off the day before.

And your alpha state is where good writing happens. This is the state where time stands still and you’re writing is flowing.

Put down the words you see, hear and feel. Don’t allow your critical editor to interfere. The time for the editor is tomorrow when you go back and edit.

Do this enough times and you’ll be flipping in and out of your alpha state every time you sit down to write and in no time at all, writing your Kindle ebook will be done.

That’s when writing a Kindle ebook becomes really EZ!

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P.S. And when you’re through writing your Kindle ebook, you should make sure your formatting is exceptional. Nothing ticks off a Kindle owner more than a badly formatted ebook. My Kindle and ePUB eBook Course will show you how to make your readers happy.